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Creation Weekend

Creation Weekend




$ 15.00

In Russia, during the height of the Cold War, the citizens were kept so completely in the dark regarding current global events that they were convinced by the propaganda fed them regarding the poverty of the West, and that Americans were starving under the capitalistic system. They were convinced that this was reality by repeated exposure to false information.

Today, we see a similar onslaught of propaganda being perpetuated through consistent repetition, academic manipulation, and news media — it is the myth that the theory of evolution is a fact.

The purpose of Creation Weekend (2008), a BBH listener event, was to tear through the web of false claims and speak the truth plainly and understandably. Join us in this audio version of this very special event:

  • Dr. Terry Mortenson, Answers in Genesis: “Creation or Evolution: Does It Matter?”
  • Lasserre Bradley, Jr, Baptist Bible Hour: “God Made the World”
  • Lasserre Bradley, Jr, Baptist Bible Hour: “Tracing Creation Through the Bible”

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