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Messages on Hosea: An Amazing Love Story, Volume 2

Messages on Hosea: An Amazing Love Story, Volume 2




$ 29.00

Burdened and tortured by the sins of an unfaithful wife, Hosea's marriage reflected the disobedience and unfaithfulness of Israel toward her loving and long-suffering God.  Just as Hosea continually forgave his adulterous wife Gomer, inviting and welcoming her return many times, God called for Israel to repent of her sin and return to Him. Israel took her abundant blessings and favor as God's chosen people for granted. She forsook her God and worshiped the idols of pagan gods, living lives of sin and self-indulgence. Hosea's ministry of some 40 years warned Israel that God's judgement was impending; the day of reckoning was approaching and she would reap what she had sown in rebellion. But, she would not heed his warnings and pleadings; eventually she was destroyed at the hand of the Assyrians and carried away captive.

 Yet, the God Who allowed Israel to fall and suffer greatly because of her sins and backslidings, in the end brings her again to repentance, giving forgiveness, love, and healing and restoring her to a place of fellowship with him once again. Likewise, little wandering child of God, be assured that God will deal with us accordingly, chastising us when we abuse His love and long-suffering and disregard His warnings to have no other gods before Him.

Features ten messages from Hosea, chapters 8-14:

Sowing and Reaping
When God Goes Away
Time to Seek the Lord
The Father's Love
God's Great Mercy
Turn to Thy God
Self-destruction, Divine Help
A Word to the Wayward
Abundant Love
Idols Forsaken


 Photo Credit: Ethan Robertson

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